Hello; my name is Héctor Braga and I am a singer and musician from north Spain.

I grew up among academic and traditional music from my County, Asturias. After having spended some time performing along Spain, I managed to start playing my music in Portugal, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco and Argentina.

I’ve been called ‘the spanish Frank Sinatra’, and I love it!
Please listen this version, in spanish, of “My Way”, singed alongside my harp.

Héctor Braga (por Carlos Garna)

I sing my own songs, and it’s often said that my music resembles folk, pop, country and celtic. I only play what I like to play, not trying to copy any style… that wouldn’t be very creative!
I perform solo shows or accompanied by my band. I’m not only a singer: I love playing different instruments like harp, violin, hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe.

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